SMart Innovative Technology for pitch and roll control devices on High Speed Vessels

The project funded by the European Union focused on the realization and implementation of a SMart system based on Innovative Technologies to control the roll and the pitch of High Speed vessels. The main technology used to develop the system are the FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating) sensors that are used in a network of optical fibers to monitor the hydrodynamic load to which the vessels are exposed during navigation and, at the same time, the deformation that occurs due to the impulsive load. High precision (picometer), fast response inexpensiveness and immunity to electromagnetic disturbances are the main feature offered by FBG sensors that have now reached the technological maturity to firmly penetrate the market.

Data are collected through the interrogating system specifically developed for this application that consists in a four channels interrogator able to read up to 48 FBGs at the same time with a live link to interface the instruments with a processor.

The live algorithm it is based on a series of tests conducted in the laboratory where the navigation conditions are replied and uses the data collected to evaluate the deformations and the hydrodynamic load in order to quickly find the optimal trim of the vessel to reduce the impulsive load saving energy.

Thanks to this method the high standard imposed by the SHHM (Ship Hull Structural Health Monitoring) procedure can be easily achieved.  Moreover, it is possible to detect any damage caused by the impact force in real time, showing the high interest of the proposed methodology on the international scene.

The vessel structure is completely characterized showing the areas less exposed to high pressure giving the opportunity to rethink the structure and reduce the material cost due to hull construction. The study conducted for high speed vessels and planning hulls can be easily extended to large and merchant ships.


  • Type of project: R&D
  • Timing: 1.1216/30.11.2018
  • Budget: 3.047,342,50




  • Cantieri del Mediterraneo Spa (Coordinator)
  • University of Naples Parthenope
  • Atena scarl




Cantieri del Mediterraneo Spa
Atena Research Center
University of Naples Parthenope

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