Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Development of applications and technologies Internet of Things (IoT) for Smart Cities

Internet of things | Distretto Atena

The project is part of the research lines promoted under the Horizon2020 program and covers the national thematic area of ​​the “Intelligent and sustainable industry, energy and environment”, developing new products in the information and communication sector. The new products developed in the project will allow to offer technologies (ICT) able to attract the interest of public institutions, companies and private citizens. “HiTech” solutions will be available linked to the exploitation of the “smart communication” and to the online sharing in real time of data and information of common utility. The strength of the project, which makes it current and in line with the strategies for sustainable development, as dictated also by the European Commission, is the interconnection between high-efficiency innovative energy technologies for Smart Cities and IoT systems (Internet of Things), an essential opportunity for growth and development.


  • Type of projects: R&D
  • Timing: 2 years
  • Budget:



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