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HyLIVE aims to develop and transfer technology for innovative passenger transport services for efficient, safe and sustainable urban mobility, in accordance with national and European objectives for low environmental impact mobility, not dependent on oil. The project will validate a new mobility system with electric vehicles, equipped with innovative propulsion systems and supplied with advanced hydrogen distribution services. This system aims to implement decarbonisation, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of urban mobility. Transportation services will be developed for efficient, safe and sustainable urban mobility and to make it possible to spread and use electric vehicles by overcoming technological barriers related to refilling / refueling times and the costs of vehicle recharging / refueling infrastructures electrical, both powered by batteries (BEV) and hydrogen (FCEV), such as bicycles and light quadricycles.


  • Type of projects: R&D
  • Timing: 1.11.2018/30.04.2020
  • Budget: 2.000.000,00


POR FESR Campania 2014/2020


  • Atena Distretto Alta Tecnologia Energia Ambiente (Coordinator)
  • Protom group Spa
  • University of Naples Parthenope




Atena Research Center – via Vicinale Visconti, 77, Naples

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