Emerging energy Technologies for international NETworks

The main objective of the project was to support the internationalization of the technological supply chain based on innovative systems and technologies for high efficiency low environmental impact polygeneration, which combine the objective of saving primary energy and promoting renewable sources with the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions through complex energy systems. Among the innovative technologies for cogeneration-polygeneration of energy (electric, thermal and cooling) and for mobile and transportable applications, those based on fuel cells were also used. Among the latter, the fused carbonate cells for stationary polygeneration, solid oxides for micro-cogeneration, polymeric electrolyte for mobile applications, and microbial cells for the direct conversion of organic waste into electrical energy, also in combination with processes for the production of biofuels (bio-hydrogen, bio-methane). Innovative solutions include biomass gasification systems, CO2 sequestration and utilization systems (carbon capture and storage), bio-systems for the production of bio-fuels (vegetable oils, bio-methane).


POR FESR Campania 2007-2013


  • Atena scarl (Coordinator)
  • Korean Institute Science and Technology – KIST




Atena Research Center

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