Advanced clean technology as core-unit for Energy Storage, EV-Recharging and Trigeneration

The HEART project will realise an innovative Solid Oxide cell core module based on anode supported electrolyte for multiple applications. It focuses on the development of innovative products based on 6 kW SOFC stack integrated in a core module designed to be at the core for 3 different applications: 1) local storage in eco-building or eco-districts with the optimal integration of a scaled reversible system coupled with a tailored solid state storage for backup of renewable energy at the level of buildings and districts; 2) flexible and highly reliable power supply for fast charging EV stations reducing investments in infrastructures; 3)trigeneration of power, heating and cooling using a hybrid solution solar thermal – SOFC integrated with absorption chiller.

Concerning the different applications, the first one on the development of a scaled reversible system will be developed up to the laboratory testing, where an hydrogen storage will allow to simulate the local reconversion of hydrogen into electricity and / or direct hydrogen utilization in future application scenarios as in hydrogen sustainable mobility, considered as the future mobility vision.

The second application, related to the electricity generation devoted to the fast charging of electric vehicles, will be oriented to both public and private market of electric vehicles charging station; while the last application related to the trigeneration systems, will be developed for both residential and industrial application. These last applications will be devoted to the realization of small scale demonstration systems installed in the real environment site.

The project foresees the development of innovative products realized in Campania, Calabria, Sicily Region for the first time, with the use of a multi-source (e.g. methane with solar and other renewables) for distributed energy generation. The innovative technologies will be optimized allowing for a low carbon profile of the solutions, with a very high overall efficiency and exergy

maximization. Considering the effects upon employment on the southern Region, this project allows, in a short time, the possibility to use “green” power supply for fast charging EV stations reducing investments in infrastructures, and in a medium-long time, the increase of distributed generation and hydrogen production and storage trough high efficiency technologies as solid oxide fuel cell systems.


  • Type of projects: R&D
  • Timing: 30 mnths
  • Budget: 10.000.000,00


PON MIUR 2014/2020


  • Atena scarl (Coordinator)
  • Graded Spa
  • University of Naples Parthenope
  • Meridionale Impianti Spa
  • Solid Power Spa
  • Matres Scarl
  • Omnia Energia Spa
  • Protom Group Spa
  • University of Pisa
  • University of Tuscia
  • University of Genoa
  • Foundation Bruno Kessler


Atena scarl




Atena Research Center

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