BioElectrochemical Systems (BESs) Technology for energy and valuable compounds REcoverythroUgh a comprehensive approach

The need of energy sources alternative to conventional, the request of space for cultivations, demand of clean water and the need to preserve water ecosystem services will grow along with global population. If fossil fuel become more and more exploited, times are ready to use organic substrates and wastewaters as sources of renewable energy and commodity chemicals. Bioelectrochemical Systems (BESs) represent a promising biomass-based technology for both liquid and solid wastes valorization and treatment. BESs are bio-technological devices based on the ability of bacteria to exchange electrons with and anode in an electrochemical cell thus producing electric power. This proposal will contribute to take BESs technology to an upper grade, close to a practical application by the establishment of a waste value chain based on the use of poultry manure, Dried Distelled Grains with Soulubles (DDGS), fruit juice factories liquid effluents, winery wastewaters, olive mills wastewaters, winery pomace, fruits pomaces and residues, tomatoes residues, legumes straws, broccoli straws as raw materials for energy, commodity chemicals (hydrogen, antioxidants, food additive) and soil conditioner production.

The production of cattle feed and edible mushrooms from spent substrates will be assessed. Life Cicle Assessment (LCA), Emergy synthesis assessment (EMA) and Life Cicle Cost Analisis (LCCA) will be used to assess the environmental and economic sustainability of BESs. A knowledge platform formed by companies involved in different phases of waste production and treatment will be established to collect data about their needs and availability to experiment new paths in waste management. Both rural and urban environments will be considered for the implementation of possible scenarios linked to a wide diffusion of Bioelectromical Sistems (BESs) in Europe and in China.This lwill serve as an example of an expanding economy and of a society still in evolution towards new life styles.


  • Type of project: RIA
  • Timing: 01/01/2018 > 01/01/2022
  • Budget: 4.000.000,00




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