Fuel Cell Lab

Fuel Cell Lab

High Efficiency Systems and Technologies

The research project has developed innovative technologies for energy conversion, creating complex systems that combine the needs of the availability of low-cost energy with the needs of environmental sustainability. The main purpose was the study and development of modular technological platforms based on fuel cells for cogeneration-polygeneration of energy (electric, thermal and / or refrigerating) and for mobile and / or transportable applications. In a medium-long term perspective, in fact, fuel cells represent a solution of great interest thanks to the high conversion efficiency even in regulation and to the very low polluting emissions, provided that we can achieve specific competitive costs and adequate durability and reliability . The platforms were developed according to different configurations that took into account the type of application envisaged and therefore the type of user. Among the fuel cells, fused carbonate cells (MCFC) for stationary polygeneration, solid oxide cells (SOFC) for micro-cogeneration and polymeric electrolyte cells (PME) for mobile applications were considered. The new conversion systems developed on the basis of the new knowledge acquired have contributed significantly to the growth of the companies in the supply chain, which have been able to broaden their horizons beyond the current sectors. The research activity has been oriented not only to the various fuel cell technologies, but also and above all to the development of the energy systems based on them. The project was supplemented by a training course that accompanied and integrated all the activities of the research and development project. The training project focused on the preparation of personnel oriented to the design, modeling, testing and control of the components of stationary and mobile energy plants based on fuel cells, or of those systems subject of the research project.


  • Type of project: R&D
  • Timing: 1.7.2014>31.12.2016
  • Budget: 6.821,815


PON03PE_00109_1/F12 – D.D. n.713/ric del 29/10/2010 MIUR


  • Atena scarl (Coordinator)
  • Aet Sas
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  • Certitec Scarl
  • Coelmo Spa
  • Graded Spa
  • Green Energy Plus Srl
  • Iuro Srl
  • Mecoser Sistemi Spa
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  • Protom Group Spa
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  • Sudgest Scarl
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  • Enea
  • University of Naples Parthenope
  • University of Perugia
  • University of Sannio
  • University of Salerno
  • University of Naples Federico II




University of Naples Parthenope
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