Hydrogen vehicles to travel nearly 6,000km to celebrate the expanding network of refuelling stations

Hydrogen vehicles to travel nearly 6,000km to celebrate the expanding network of refuelling stations

Hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles will travel nearly 6,000km across Europe to converge in Hamburg to celebrate the expanding network of refuelling stations. Thirteen vehicles starting in five countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Norway) will travel a combined 5,836km to reach the German city ahead of the Hydrogen for Clean Transport – H2ME Mid-Term Conference on 25th October. The journey will demonstrate the advantages of hydrogen mobility and motorway driving.

The road trip to Hamburg is only possible following the expanding network of refuelling stations, in part due to funded installations from the pan-European Hydrogen Mobility Europe (H2ME) project that assesses the technical and commercial readiness of vehicles, fuelling stations and hydrogen production techniques. H2ME has funded the installation of 32 hydrogen refuelling stations (HRSs) across Europe to date, with a target of up to 49 by 2022.

The recently launched European HRS Availability System h2-map.eu shows the location and live status of 137 HRSs, with more than half of these available in Germany. The pan-European road trip to Hamburg comprises 15 HRSs; international standards ensure compatibility between refuelling stations and vehicles, and the refuelling process takes around three to five minutes, offering times comparable to conventional petrol or diesel cars, and reduces overall journey times.

Bart Biebuyck – Director, FCH JU said: “I am very excited to see this road trip happen, which will surely profit from the European HRS Availability System, our new tool that will help all car users identify existing refuelling stations and whether they are operational or not. This information, which is openly available to any user, will eliminate any anxiety over a lack of infrastructure and enable drivers to opt for fuel cell vehicles.”

Findings from the H2ME project will be announced at the Hydrogen for Clean Transport: H2ME Mid-Term Conference in Hamburg.

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